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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software

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Why choose LPIH’s EMR Software Finance Program?

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (commonly known as the Stimulus Act) has set aside billions of dollars to “encourage” and reimburse physicians for implementing this much overdue process.

Any physician (each practitioner in a group) whose patient population is at least 30% Medicare or 30% Medicaid qualifies for a $44,000 rebate from the Federal Government if they implement Electronic Medical Records by the third quarter of 2012. Keeping in mind that the Federal Government runs on an October –September fiscal year, this rebate will be paid out over the next five years via declining lump sum increments in November or December of the new fiscal year following a qualified implementation period during the previous fiscal year.

For instance, a doctor who gets his/her practice on-line by September 30, 2011 (fiscal year 2011) will be paid in November or December of 2011 (fiscal year 2012) according to the following schedule: 

                        Year 1 - $18,000                                                         Year 4 - $4,000
                        Year 2 - $12,000                                                         Year 5 - $2,000
                        Year 3 - $8,000

Any physician who implements EMR by the third quarter of 2012 will get the same full rebate. After Fiscal Year
2012, doctors can still qualify for a rebate but at a formulary reduction of benefits.

LPIH’s EMR Software Financing Program will provide medical providers an extra incentive to act now and take advantage of the Government EMR Rebate Program and use very little of their own money!

Our Program provides a reduce monthly payment for the first three years by incorporating the governmental rebates for years one through year three  ($18,000 in Year 1, $12,000 in Year 2 and $8,000 in Year 3).

General Information:
  •  Terms of 36, 48 and 60 months are available.
  •  Approvals are valid for 30 days.
  •  Application only transactions require the Personal Guaranty of all principals. 
  •  Completed and signed credit application required
  •  Estimate/Detailed Proposal/Invoice required
  •  Summary Write-up: Explain business operations, history of the deal, reasons for software purchase, etc…
  •  All submissions must have the last 3 months of Complete Business Bank Statements
  •  All submissions must have the last 3 months of Complete Merchant Statements
  •  Prefunding up to 50% will be allowed based on vendor approval
For applications that fall outside this criteria, the following information must be submitted:
  •  Last 2 Years Complete Corporate Tax Returns with all schedules and pages
  •  Last 2 Years Complete Personal Tax Returns with all schedules and pages
  •  Year to Date P&L and Balance Sheet
  •  Signed Personal Financial Statement
  •  Business Debt Schedule
  •  Explanation of any negative credit information
The Big No’s:
  •  No Tax Liens
  •  No Judgments
  •  No Bankruptcies
  •  No Chiropractors
Required Applications and Submission Forms

The following is a list of documents that we provide. Each funding program listed requires certain forms. Having these documents completed and attached to your initial submission will greatly reduce the processing time of your application. All of these forms can be found and downloaded from our website.

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