A Client

A Client is the most important person ever
in this office, either in person or otherwise.


A Client is not dependent on us, we are
dependent on him/her.


A Client is not an interruption of our work;
he/she is the purpose of it.  We are not doing him/her
a favor by serving him/her.  He/She is doing us a favor
by giving us an oppurtunity to do so.


A Client is not an outsider to our business;
he/she is part of it.


A Client is not a cold statistic - a name or a
filing card or a ledger sheet.  He/She is a flesh and
blood human being with biases, prejudices,
feelings and emotions.


A Client is not someone to argue with
Nobody ever won an argument with a client.


A Client is someone who brings us his/her wants.
  It's our job to fill them.


Profitablity - to him/her and ourselves.

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